Corrections & Court Operations Command

Corrections & Court Operations Command


The  Corrections and Court Operations Command provides safe and secure facilities for those entrusted to our care and is responsible for security for the county’s courthouses.  

Theo Lacy Facility

The Theo Lacy Facility is a maximum security jail complex located in the City of Orange employing approximately 450 sworn and professional staff who ensure the safe and efficient operation of the facility.

With a maximum capacity of 3,442 inmates, the Theo Lacy Facility maintains the custody and welfare over a diverse inmate population ranging from those charged or sentenced for misdemeanor crimes to more serious felonies. Others have been sentenced and are awaiting transfer to State Prison.

James A. Musick Facility

The James A. Musick Facility, located in the City of Irvine, is currently under construction.

Orange County applied for and received $100 million in State funding to construct a 512-bed facility and $80 million in State funding to construct a 384-bed facility focused on programming at the Musick Jail. 

The new housing is specifically designed to enhance programming aimed at reducing recidivism. 

Court Operations Division

The Court Operations Division is responsible for the safety and security of the county’s court facilities, including:

  • Providing bailiffs for all Superior Courts
  • Staffing courthouse holding facilities
  • Courthouse security
  • Enforcement of warrants of arrest
  • Service and enforcement of civil processes
  • Transporting mental health conservatees for hearings