Coroner Reserve Support Unit

Mission Statement

The mission of the Orange County Sheriff – Coroner Department Coroner Support Reserve Unit is to provide motivated and highly skilled volunteers to assist the Coroner Division in medicolegal death investigations and to serve the people of Orange County with compassion and professionalism.

Coroner Facility - Reserves Program


Coroners Support Reserve Unit members work side by side with Deputy Coroners conducting investigations on deaths occurring within the county which fall under coroner’s jurisdiction. These investigations can entail response to the scene of death, collection of evidence and personal property for safekeeping and analysis, interviewing subjects and ordering response by various technical specialists such as criminalists and photographers.


General Knowledge Of: Investigative principles and techniques; techniques of investigative interviewing; use of scientific investigative equipment; laws and rules of evidence; laws pertaining to death and dead bodies; criminal, civil and probate laws; physiology, anatomy, medical terminology and techniques used in general medicine or criminal or coroner's investigations; prescribed drugs, both generic and name brands, poisons and other toxic elements and compounds. Medicine and its subspecialties and techniques; methods of recognition, collection, preservation and analysis of medico-legal and/or criminal evidence.

Ability To: Analyze situations and take effective action; work effectively under unpleasant conditions; deal effectively with attorneys, medical doctors, law enforcement officers and distraught persons; prepare clear, concise reports and correspondence; answer questions of law pertaining to death and dead bodies; converse with professional medical personnel on a technical level.

For more information on joining the Reserves, see our Join Our Reserve Team page, or call the Reserve Office: 714-566-2711.