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Highway Interdiction Team

In an effort to combat the large scale trafficking of narcotics into and through Orange County, The Orange County Sheriff’s Department employs a Highway Interdiction Team. The Orange County Sheriff’s Department Highway Interdiction Team (HIT) was formed in 2008 to disrupt and dismantle Drug Trafficking Organizations’ (DTO) transportation of illegal narcotics into and through Orange County. The team is made up of 2 full time deputies, 1 reserve deputy and 3 K-9 partners. The team works hand in hand with the Sheriff’s Narcotics Teams. The HIT team primarily works the I-5 freeway, which is one of the main corridors DTO’s use to smuggle narcotics into Orange County. Partly due to the interstates that are in and around Orange County and our proximity to the Mexican border, we have been designated as a High Intensity Drug Trafficking Area (HIDTA) by the federal government. This designation allows the federal government to assist us in activities ranging from narcotics enforcement, investigation, interdiction, and prosecution. This team is supervised by the South Narcotics sergeant.