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Emergency Communications Bureau


The Emergency Communications Bureau (ECB), which consists of Dispatch Operations, Control One, and the Department Commander is a 24/7 operation and is based at the Loma Ridge Facility. The facility is located in the unincorporated Orange County area of Silverado and is strategically built on an elevation of 1,320 feet.

The ECB is managed by a Bureau Commander who also serves as Orange County’s Amber Alert Coordinator and oversees a multi-million dollar budget, a team of 85 professional and sworn staff, the 18th largest law enforcement dispatch center in California, and the only county-wide interoperable radio communications center in California. The Department Commander (DC) is entrusted with managing our department’s day to day patrol operations for all thirteen contract cities and unincorporated areas. The DC is responsible for monitoring all emergency and non-emergency calls for service, monitoring all radio transmissions by our deputies and dispatchers, coordinating patrol resources, managing and reviewing all vehicle pursuits, and coordinating mutual aid law enforcement requests.

The ECB serves as the vital link for communications operations for emergency 9-1-1 services and emergency communications for Orange County.
The ECB consists of the following positions and ancillary positions/responsibilities:

  • Bureau Commander (Captain)
    • Orange County Amber Alert Coordinator
    • Child Abduction Response Team (CART) Coordinator
    • PSAP (Public Safety Answering Point) Manager 
  • Department Commanders (Lieutenant)
    • Field Department Commander
  • Supervising Radio Dispatchers
    • Administrative/County PSAP Coordinator
  • Supervising Communications Coordinators
    • Administrative
    • Radio Dispatchers
    • Administrative/Training/Audio Recording
    • Communications Training Officers (CTO)
    • Terrorism Liaison Officer Coordinator
    • Terrorism Liaison Officers
  • Communications Coordinators
    • Terrorism Liaison Officer Coordinator
    • Terrorism Liaison Officers
  • Sheriff’s Call Takers
    • Terrorism Liaison Officers
  • Sheriff’s Facility Maintenance Specialist