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ECB - Control One

Emergency Radio Coordinator

Control One is an integral part of the Emergency Communications Bureau and is the only county-wide interoperable communications center in California. Control One is the central point of contact for mutual aid and interoperable communications between all law, fire, public works, and lifeguard agencies in addition to state and federal agencies using dedicated radio, landline, microwave, and satellite communications systems.

Control One personnel are responsible for providing wants, warrants and driver’s license checks for all law enforcement agencies via Purple Channel and utilizing the Reddinet system to determine hospital availability for mass casualty incidents and day-to-day patient intake for our fire and EMS (Emergency Medical Services) partners via the Paramedic Desk. They are also responsible to assist Orange County law enforcement coordination and provide both emergency and non-emergency county-wide broadcasts via Red Channel, which is a unique radio channel exclusive to all Orange County law enforcement agencies.
Control One is also responsible for the notification of Orange County residents in the event of emergencies or disasters via the Emergency Alert System (EAS), Wireless Emergency Alert (WEA) System, and AlertOC communication platforms.