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OC Crime Lab

The OC Crime Lab provides all public agencies in Orange County with services for the recognition, collection and evaluation of physical evidence from crime scenes. The OC Crime Lab is the only full-service, internationally accredited laboratory providing forensic analyses to all law enforcement and fire protection agencies in Orange County. The Division employs over 150 staff members, housed in a spacious, modern 100,000 square foot facility, serving the over 3 million residents of Orange County.

The OC Crime Lab is a nationally recognized leader in the forensic science community. For example, we were the first local law enforcement DNA lab in the Western United States, we began the first local automated fingerprint identification system in California and we are leading the way in DUI enforcement with the introduction of portable breath alcohol testing devices.

Our forensic scientists and specialists, supported by a dedicated and hardworking clerical and support staff, are skilled and knowledgeable experts using their talents in various forensic science specialties to serve the needs of the criminal justice community.