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Civil Process FAQs

The most frequently asked questions with answers have been compiled below. 

Should you have additional questions, please contact us.  For a list of offices, click here.

Yes, the Department accepts all major credit cards.

Yes, unlimited in person or by mail, and up to 25 filings can be submitted per order on e-File.

If the writ has not expired, new instructions can be submitted along with the appropriate fees. If e-Filing, select your previous levying officer file number when submitting a filing on the e-Filing portal.

A separate filing with service instructions needs to be submitted for each debtor.

Each unit or suite requires its own filing.

Restraining orders may be submitted using the e-Filing Portal or via email, fax, mail or in-person. There is no fee for restraining orders pertaining to domestic violence, elder abuse, and civil harassment if the court orders fees to be waived.  If you choose to use the e-Filing Portal, select "waiver" from the drop-down menu (as no fee waiver needs to be scanned).

If submitting by mail, include documents, signed instructions and appropriate fees.

If e-Filing, select the "Out-of-State" category on the e-Filing Portal. If your proof requires notarization, please indicate on the service instructions “notary required” and mark the “notarize” box on the e-Filing portal when submitting for service. An additional fee of $15 is required for each notary service.

If the document qualifies for substitute service, choose the service category of the document and indicate substitute service is authorized in the instructions.  Once the service is approved, the Sheriff’s Department will adjust the service to substitute if it meets the timeframe requirements.

Submit the service using the appropriate type of Summons & Complaint with Post & Mail and mark the box listed as “notary or certified mailing,” to ensure the proper fees are applied.

Submit the filing using Summons & Complaint (UD) Prejudgment Claim of Right of Possession with “w/ SS” or “No SS” (with or without substitute service, choose what applies to the filing).  Add a filing per defendant you want served that is named on the Summons. Next, you will add an additional filing for “All Unknown Occupants” (ex: if you have 2 defendants you will need to have 3 filings).