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Transit Police Services

Transit Police Services (TPS) provides responsive, professional and caring law enforcement services to our contract partner, the Orange County Transportation Authority.  TPS responding to calls for service and provides enhanced safety and security within the surface transportation environment throughout Orange County and beyond. TPS personnel strive for the highest levels of excellence and professionalism possible.


In 1993, the Orange County Sheriff’s Department (OCSD) partnered with the Orange County Transportation Authority (OCTA) to enhance safety and security within the Orange County mass transit system. With over 43,000,000 OCTA bus boardings annually, the TPS provides specialized contract law enforcement services to provide the safest environment possible for both the ridership and OCTA personnel. Additionally, OCTA owns 47 miles of active railway and 13 miles of inactive railway right of way.


TPS deploys a team of uniformed Deputy Sheriffs dedicated to providing specialized security and law enforcement services on OCTA buses in addition to supplementing local law enforcement agencies at transportation centers, OCTA facilities, and park & ride facilities. This deployment model provides the public with a multi-layered security and law enforcement structure, further enhancing the safety and security of public transit.

OCTA transit police services

The Bus Patrol is a program dedicated to the quality of life onboard OCTA buses. This consists of Fixed Route Deputy Sheriffs onboard buses to mitigate criminal activity, violence, and quality of life challenges onboard OCTA buses.

Other programs include Visible Intermodal Protection and Response (VIPR) Operations, Anti-Terror Anti-Crime (ATAC) Operations, Angel Train Security, OC Fair Express, Zero Tolerance Operations, Explosives Detection Canines Operations, and other Special Events.


Due to the extreme level of danger along our railway right of ways, the TPS deploys a dedicated team of Deputy Sheriffs tasked with the mitigation of trespassing and security threats along our 60 miles of Orange County railway right of ways. This team works in concert with local law enforcement, federal law enforcement, railway police and the public at large to maintain the highest level of safety and security along these vital infrastructure sites.


TPS also deploys an investigative element who are primarily tasked with investigating criminal violations which occur on OCTA buses and OCTA owned right of ways. As well, this team conducts threat assessments, conducts special operations with surveillance capabilities, and coordinates with allied agencies for joint operations which enhance safety and security in Orange County’s transit environment.


TPS is a participant in the Transportation and Security Administration’s (TSA) Explosive Detection Canine Program. TPS deploys multiple canine teams that provide support to OCTA directly by conducting searches of buses, trains, bus routes, properties, and special events to locate any explosive devices. TPS’s canines are also used for numerous public affairs missions and events. The Explosive Detection Canine Team is just one additional layer of protection to insure that our public transportation system in the Orange County area is safe.


The Community-Oriented Policing team deploys with the primary focus of improving the quality of life of our community by building ties and working closely with members of the ridership and other members of the community to prevent or reduce crime and disorder. This includes but not limited to conducting Bus Patrol, assisting the homeless population within OCTA jurisdictions and properties, and working with local law enforcement agencies and other government agencies to solve ongoing public safety issues.


Additional capabilities within the bureau include SWAT members, Critical Incident Response Team, Terrorism Liaison Officers, Homeless Liaison Officers, Orange County Taxi Administration Program, and a host of other specialized disciplines. This experienced and diverse team works in concert to enhance the safety of OCTA commuters, the public and OCTA interests at large.