Professional Standards

The Professional Standards Division (PSD) is responsible for providing a variety of support services including  recruiting, pre-employment background investigations, and promotional functions; processing human resource referrals, job classification issues, and receiving discrimination complaints; investigating internal and citizen-generated complaints of alleged misconduct against employees; and providing a host of clerical support and functions to ensure the personnel are properly uniformed, equipped, and supported in their daily duties. PSD also provides business licensing services, and processes and approves the issuance of concealed weapons permits.  

PSD's personnel perform their duties in a collaborative environment. They work diligently with the other divisions along with County, State, and Federal governmental agencies to uphold employment and performance standards that ensure the Sheriff's Department continues to be staffed by the highest caliber of personnel in the law enforcement profession. The division is also responsible for assuring non-discrimination and equal opportunity compliance.


The Recruiting Unit is responsible for identifying and targeting applicant pools to fill the sworn and professional staff vacancies in the department. Active efforts are undertaken to select the most qualified applicants by administering rigorous selection processes. Advertising and community involvement are cornerstone activities of the Recruiting Unit. The Orange County Sheriff's Department offers competitive salary and benefits packages. View career opportunities here.

Background Unit

The Background Unit is responsible for investigating applicants to ensure they meet the high standards of employment maintained by the Sheriff's Department. Detailed investigations are undertaken to scrutinize the past history of applicants to include previous criminal behavior, prior work performance, credit, personal relationships, and driving record. The background investigative process for sworn applicants is comprehensive and includes written and physical agility tests, an oral interview panel, a background interview, and psychological and medical evaluations followed by rigorous instruction at the Sheriff's Training Academy.

Position Control

The Position Control Unit is responsible for the placement of newly hired and promoted employees into one of  170 different job classifications; is responsible for tracking all Department transfers within its 21 Divisions; and generates and disseminates monthly Department-wide vacancy reports to Sheriff's Administration, Financial Services, and all other divisions.

Employee Services

The Employee Services Unit provides on-going career life-cycle support to employees and divisions of the Department by processing a wide range of personnel transactions such as: promotions, merit increases, probation approvals, leave of absences, uniform requests, employment verification, tuition reimbursement, performance evaluations, separations, the maintenance of personnel files, and issuance of identification cards.  This Unit also facilitates new employee sign-ups and orientation, administers the Catastrophic Leave program, and has the pleasure of issuing retirement plaques for eligible employees.

Human Resources

The Human Resources Unit is responsible for conducting Department classification studies, market comparison studies, responding to classification and compensation surveys, and working closely with the various employee associations. Daily, the HR Specialists interact with employees, supervisors and managers assisting with conflict resolution, MOU interpretation and other issues regarding terms and conditions of employment. This is a highly specialized unit that has a broad impact on Department and County business.

Internal Affairs

The Internal Affairs Unit is responsible for conducting investigations of alleged misconduct by department members while ensuring appropriate due process and Peace Officer Bill of Rights assurances are provided. The unit is also charged with overseeing the application process of concealed weapons permits and various business licensing required by County and Contract City ordinance. The department considers its relations with the community to be of paramount importance and encourages citizens to express their opinions regarding the performance, professionalism, and conduct of our employees. To file a personnel complaint, click here.