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Transit Operations

Transit Operations serves our community by land, sea and air.

Airport Police Services

The Sheriff’s Department provides a multidisciplinary policing strategy for John Wayne Airport that includes security enhancements, proactive explosive and narcotics searches, dignitary protection and high-visibility patrols. We also place a great emphasis on connecting with our community while they travel in and out of JWA.

Harbor Patrol

Overseeing 48 miles of coastline and Orange County’s three harbors, the Harbor Patrol Bureau balances enforcement and education. With specialized training in marine firefighting, advanced medical aid and pollution investigations, we are focused on keeping boaters and visitors safe.

Transit Police Services

With 58 bus routes serving 34 cities, the Orange County Transportation Authority (OCTA) sees more than 1 million passengers on their buses every week. We approach public safety on these routes and right-of-ways with enforcement, outreach and specialized investigative operations. One specialty unit is our Community Oriented Policing (COP) team, which conducts proactive enforcement to contact riders who may be experiencing homelessness, connecting them with resources and improving their quality of life. Every year, COP contacts more than 1,000 people and offers services.