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Major Accident Investigation Team (MAIT)

Major Accident Investigation Team (M.A.I.T) responds to traffic collision scenes at the request of field officers, for the investigation of fatal or major injury, high-profile, or complex collision incidents. In addition, deputy sheriffs assigned to M.A.I.T. are increasingly being requested to provide assistance to other divisions or agencies with scene mapping and vehicle inspections. The Sheriff Department's M.A.I.T. is quickly gaining a reputation throughout the County as being a group of highly trained experts in the traffic and accident reconstruction fields. M.A.I.T. is comprised of six sergeants and twelve deputies. 

A.C.T.A.R. (Accreditation Commission for Traffic Accident Reconstruction) is the certification for traffic accident reconstructionist. There are approximately 100 certified traffic accident reconstructionist in the State of California, and less than 1,000 worldwide. M.A.I.T. currently has two deputies who are accredited by A.C.T.A.R. and recognized as experts in traffic accident reconstruction.