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Airport Police Services

The Airport Police Services Bureau provides law enforcement services and security for the residents and visitors of Orange County on the publicly owned property at John Wayne Airport. This includes the protection of all persons and property through the enforcement of laws, security regulations and procedures.

Transit Ops - Airport

The bureau works closely with airport management, the Department of Homeland Security, the Transportation Security Administration, the Federal Bureau of Investigations, the Orange County Intelligence Assessment Center, U.S. Customs and Border Protection, and the air carriers serving the airport.

The bureau routinely provides dignitary protection to high profile government officials that are transiting through John Wayne Airport. They work collaboratively with the United States Secret Service, the State Department, Capital Police, the California Highway Patrol, and other involved entities to coordinate the safe arrival and departure of these dignitaries through John Wayne Airport.

The bureau's Explosives Detection Teams provide K-9 services to John Wayne Airport through a cooperative agreement with the Department of Homeland Security/Transportation Security Administration. The team protects the public, airport employees, and property by acting as a pro-active deterrent against possible terrorist and criminal activity. They conduct random and directed bomb sweeps of the airport's parking lots, terminals, commercial ramp, aircraft, freight building and cargo area.