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Technical Services Section

The Technical Services Section is comprised of engineers, technicians and warehouse personnel who provide a variety of essential services to the public safety community in Orange County.

Mobile Systems Unit

The Mobile Systems Unit's primary responsibility is to provide fast, reliable service to the public safety community for over 21,000 pieces of public safety communications equipment currently in service. This highly-skilled group of technicians and installers provides service for both County and City agencies/departments.

Responsibilities include:

  • Development of radio programming templates
  • Programming and installation of new radios.
  • Consultation with vendors on technical issues.
  • Maintenance of equipment.

Types of equipment serviced by the Mobile Systems Unit include:

  • Mobile and portable radios.
  • Base station radios.
  • Mobile data terminal systems and other data systems.
  • Patrol car video recording equipment.
  • Test equipment and special electronic circuits.

Sound/Video/Security Unit

The Sound/Video/Security Unit is comprised of technically diverse individuals whose backgrounds include service in the military and entertainment industry. Members of this group have received specialized training and intensive on-the-job training to enable them to work on a wide variety of electronics equipment and systems.

Responsibilities include:

  • Courtroom sound reinforcement systems.
  • Sound support for the Board of Supervisors hearing room.
  • Surveillance and recording systems in detention facilities.
  • Integrated control systems in detention facilities.
  • Wired and wireless personnel duress systems.
  • Fire Station alert systems.
  • Videoconferencing systems.
  • Integrated multimedia presentation systems.
  • Telephone, alarm and radio/microwave backbone circuits.
  • Technical service on the Bomb Squad robot, drug prevention vehicles and applications requiring unique electronic equipment or installation.

Technical Services Section