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The Sheriff Department’s Narcotics Team is responsible for the investigation and suppression of narcotics activity. They specifically investigate the illegal distribution and manufacturing of controlled substances; address and solve street narcotic problems relative to specific geographic locations; and respond to information and complaints from citizens and other sources within their area of responsibility. Evenly divided between north and south Orange County, the narcotics team is broken up into two teams.

Although narcotic investigators are involved in the investigation, arrest and prosecution of numerous mid and upper level narcotic violators, their primary focus is the deterrence and arrest of street level violators. 

Along with their other duties, the narcotics investigators work closely with State Parole, County Probation, and the Courts. They conduct probation and parole searches and are frequently called upon to testify as experts in the field of narcotics.

The narcotics team has a large area of responsibility and on a daily basis address the concerns of the citizens of Orange County. From the complex workings of major narcotic traffickers, to the methods and operations of the simple street user, the narcotics team aggressively pursues narcotic violators. 


The Sheriff Department’s Vice/Human Trafficking Team is responsible for the investigation and suppression of various vice and human trafficking related crimes throughout the department’s entire operational area. The team investigates a wide range of crimes, to include illegal gambling, illicit massage business, prostitution, and human trafficking. The team takes a proactive approach to enforcement and frequently works with other stakeholders and non-profit organizations to provide services to victims. The team also spends a great deal of time educating the public and businesses on the detection and prevention of human trafficking within our communities.