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Reserve Deputy Sheriffs

Reserve Devon Kemp

Reserve Deputy Sheriff

The process for becoming a sworn Sheriff's Reserve Deputy is very similar to the process for becoming a full-time Sheriff's Deputy. There are physical, medical and psychological requirements, an extensive background investigation, specialized training and written exams.

The Orange County Sheriff's Department currently has four different levels of Reserve service, each with different levels of authority and responsibility. Level ID, Level I, Level II & Level III Sheriff's Reserves are all sworn peace officers and must complete Peace Officer Standards and Training (P.O.S.T.) certification in accordance with California State legislation and Orange County Sheriff Department hiring policies. 

Minimum Qualifications

  • Pass an extensive background check
  • Must be 20 years of age by date of written exam.
  • Must have a U.S. high school diploma, or a satisfactory score on the GED
  • Must have no felony convictions as a juvenile or adult

Reserve Units

  • Custody
    • Booking
    • Escorts
    • Hospital Security             
  • Investigations
    • Compliance
    • Investigation
  • Operations
    • Harbor Patrol
    • North Patrol
    • South Patrol
  • Reserve Support Unit
    • Community Outreach
    • Recruiting
    • Testing
  • Search & Rescue
    • K9 Operations
    • Rescue Operations
    • Search Support
  • Special Operations
    • Aero Squadron
    • SRT
    • TACMED
    • Transportation