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Facilities Planning

Project Administration

Project Administration entails the overall management and coordination of all disciplines and project components as detailed below. Included in this process is the development of detailed design and construction cost estimates for small (purchase order type) to large complex (Board Awarded capital) projects and reviewing the estimates with our customers. Responsibilities include development of comprehensive scopes of work for the architect-engineer and a clear comprehensive description of the Public Works construction project. Project administration involves preparation of and control of the overall project budget, assuring adherence to all appropriate federal, state and local codes and ordinances as well as compliance with all appropriate standards and rules imposed by the authorities having jurisdiction (AHJ). Also included is the development of the project bid package, assuring that all appropriate reviews and approvals have been secured, validating the apparent low bidder’s credentials and assuring that all County requirements have been met.

Another facet of Administrative is the verification of CEQA compliance and development of requirements, such as EIRs and NPDES reports. ASRs are also developed, refined, submitted and tracked and the development and maintenance of policies and procedures as well as process mapping, project progress reporting and project prioritization are also a responsibility of the Administrative function.

A-E Contract Management

This discipline is responsible for negotiating a scope of work and fee agreement with the architect-engineer (A-E), coordinating design reviews with the A-E and the customer, monitoring the progress of the design activity and reviewing and approving the plans and specifications. Responsibilities also include coordinating punch list activity with the A-E and the general contractor.

Construction Management

This discipline is responsible for conducting pre-bid, pre-construction, pre-grading, construction progress and construction closeout meetings along with any special or impromptu meetings that are necessary. These project managers work very closely with the construction general contractor and County inspectors to assure that specification requirements are being met and the construction schedule is being adhered to. Tasks include regular construction site visits and thorough documentation of progress. This discipline assures that all specification requirements are fulfilled at the end of the project including as-built drawings, O&M manuals, warranties, training and other end of project deliverables.

Project cost and schedule control are the responsibility of this discipline including examination and analysis of the schedule of values and review and approval of all contractor pay requests.

Plans/Document Management

This discipline is responsible for maintaining up-to-date as-built documentation on all Sheriff’s facilities and completion records for all projects performed by the R&D division. This discipline provides AutoCAD designs as necessary for studies and internal projects and can provide electronic file and hard copies of facilities when required.

Master Planning and Studies

This discipline is responsible for forward planning activities, what-if studies, analytical comparisons and support to forward looking budget planning.