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Resource Management Section

Quartermaster Unit

Asset Procurement (1033 Program)

The Asset Procurement unit began operating in April 1996 with a primary mission to obtain usable equipment and supplies in the form of new and excess property from various Federal, State, and military agencies. Divisions throughout the Sheriff's Department use the property which includes assets such as vehicles, safety equipment, and emergency supplies. To ensure effective procurement of quality assets, the unit has developed and strives to maintain proactive, professional working relationships with government program administrators as well as other law enforcement agencies within the County and throughout the state. The Quartermaster Unit handles uniform and equipment purchasing for the department. This includes such items as Tasers, Kevlar helmets, gas masks, batons, Narcan, ballistic vests, outer carriers, rifle plates, leather gear and pepper spray/gel.  The Quartermaster Unit also purchases and distributes all PPE for the department

Fleet Management Unit

The Fleet Management Unit became a part of the R&D Division in September 2008 with a primary mission to effectively and efficiently oversee all department vehicles. The Fleet Management Unit strives to reach higher standards and reduce cost for the department. Responsibilities include maintaining and updating the vehicle database with information on scheduled maintenance, license plates, mileage, etc. The Fleet Management Unit works cooperatively with other sheriffs divisions for installation of radios and Patrol Video Systems in new units, servicing and outfitting of fleet vehicles and other tasks as assigned. Fleet Management is working on policies and procedures which will support their efforts to provide comprehensive fleet services which responsibly fulfill vehicle equipment needs of the Orange County Sheriff-Coroner Department using best management practices and professional service.

Office Support Unit

The Office Support Unit provides division-wide reception, secretarial and office services to all units within the Research and Development Division.