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Electronic Monitoring Program

Program Overview

Under CPC 1203.017, sentenced misdemeanor inmates may be required to participate in an involuntary home detention program that includes electronic monitoring, due to lack of adequate jail space. Inmates must meet specific criteria before consideration and will be interviewed to determine if the program will be suitable for each candidate.

The EMP staff uses various forms of information while screening inmates for EMP. This information may include, but is not limited to the following:

  • Current Misdemeanor charges only
  • Interview of inmate
  • Criminal history/sophistication
  • Personal references
  • Overall background
  • In-custody behavior
  • No sex or violent related charges

Additional information:

  • NO Holds
  • Inmate must have valid address of residence in Orange County
  • Other household members must be willing participants and sign a co-habitant form
  • Inmate must wear the electronic monitoring device at all times
  • The inmate’s place of residence and its contents are subject to search and seizure while on the program (no alcohol, drugs, weapons…)
  • Maintain telephone contact
  • No fees to participate in the program

Questions regarding EMP should be directed to the EMP office.

Office Hours: 0700-1900 Hours Mon-Sun
(714) 935-6203