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Crisis Negotiation Team

Crisis Negotiation Team LogoThe Orange County Sheriff’s Crisis Negotiation Team (CNT) responds to hostage situations, barricade incidents or, threats of suicide. The Team is made up of 3 Sergeants and 21 operators , comprising of  Investigators and Deputies. Like SWAT, this Team is on-call 24 hours a day and works under the supervision of the Tactical Commander.

Many incidents have been peacefully resolved through the skills of the men and women of the Crisis Negotiation Team. Each Negotiator trains regularly to enhance negotiation skills, upgrade techniques, become familiar with new equipment and identify current trends such as  Adolescent Violence.

During the course of a typical call-out, an initial team responds. The primary negotiator establishes contact with the identified subject, as the secondary negotiator relays information making dialogue suggestions. A third negotiator maintains a log board building a scenario of activity, circumstances, demands and deadlines. The fourth negotiator interviews witnesses, family and friends, gathering information important to the Command Post. A fifth negotiator acts as a SWAT liaison. Any tactical information gathered on the phone is immediately relayed from the Command Post to the SWAT team.