Correctional Programs


To provide the inmate population incarcerated in the County’s five jail facilities the opportunity for an effective, rehabilitative experience following state and federal guidelines.


Correctional Programs provides inmates the opportunity for an effective, rehabilitative experience while incarcerated. Inmate programs and services related to rehabilitation opportunities are mandated by Title 15 Minimum Jail Standards and related case law. In addition, the Orange County Sheriffs’ Department provides other programs that are designed towards successfully transitioning inmates back into the community and to help reduce recidivism in Orange County. These activities are planned, coordinated, and conducted at each of the Sheriff's facilities by the Correctional Programs staff. Typical programs include educational classes, vocational education training, and "life skills" classes such as Parenting and Job Development.
Specialized programming is also offered to incarcerated Veterans who are motivated toward changing their lives. Correctional Programs also provides opportunities for personal change, including programs focusing on substance abuse recovery, domestic violence, anger management, fitness and exercise, general and law library services, religious and inspirational programs and pre-release preparation and assistance - all designed to maximize the chances of an inmate's successful transition to the community at release.

Inmate using a computer