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Daily Workouts

Access the daily workouts by selecting the Week and day.

Workout Structure

Most days will consist of a warm-up (movement preparation exercises); a whole-body activity (running, cycling, functional fitness to include calisthenics, weight training or a combination/interval training); and post workout regeneration.

Recording Notes/Energy Level

An important part of any training program is to track how you feel each day in order to compare the effects of the workouts as well as external factors in your life. The energy level is based on a scale of 0-10.

Example: Today’s run seemed more difficult than last week’s. I only had five hours of sleep last night. Energy level: 4

Completing Days

A day is complete when you have finished every exercise, and recorded your notes and energy level.

Missing Days

It is important that you dedicate to your training, your success depends on your dedication. We recommend if you are unable to train “the program” on an occasional day that you try to complete a similar set of activities that day, or shift your schedule so that you continue to perform the activities in the recommended order.


Daily reminders can help you remember to complete your workout each day and record your activities.