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Nutrition, Hydration, Foot Care, Injuries


The 10 week program is intense. It requires that you eat properly in order to perform well. The goal is that you experience success with good eating habits and adopt them into your lifestyle to fit our concept of “lifetime Fitness”. Height and weight differences affect caloric intake. Ensure you eat enough food to perform well on events, as well as to recover from them. Your body needs protein, carbohydrates, fats and essential nutrients to function well. Protein will repair muscle, carbohydrates will provide energy stores for training, recovery and recuperation, and fats will provide energy and support molecular functions. Sticking to a diet of protein, carbohydrates and some fats, limiting sugar and processed foods is your goal to good nutrition. Clean and healthy eating will result in advanced fitness. Eat from around the perimeter of the store which includes your perishable food items. These items will include lean meats, fruits and vegetables. is an excellent resource.


Once an individual experiences thirst they are already in the process of dehydration. Do not depend on thirst as your guide, your goal is to not experience thirst. For successful performance you have to intake enough fluid to allow for proper bodily function, including removal of wastes. If you exercise less than one hour, water should meet your hydration needs. If you exercise more than 1 hour, the fluid should also supply energy to your working muscles, energy replacement drinks (sports drinks) are a good choice. A few signs of dehydration include fatigue, lightheadedness, dark urine with a strong odor with severe signs to include, difficulty swallowing, delirium and muscle spasms. Water will help digest all of the food you are eating and will compensate for what you will seat out during exercise. Take caution in drinking too much water, as this can lead to a serious condition called hypernatremia, in which you basically dilute your electrolytes and salts needed for normal functions. Check the color of your urine often; it should be clear and plentiful. Some vitamins and foods will color your urine; keep that in mind as you judge your hydration.

Foot Care

Having the proper foot wear is essential. Running shoes are made to run but are not recommended for lateral (side to side) motion. Be sure you are fitted properly for your running shoes. The best time of the day to buy a running shoe is in the afternoon after you have been on your feet. Be sure you have room in the toe bed but that the heel fits well. There are some individuals that will benefit from orthotics or inserts in their shoes. A well fitted shoe should not cause blisters.

Overuse Injuries

It is common for individuals to experience Overuse injuries. These injuries are due to improper body mechanics and doing too much, too soon. If you begin to feel any injury it is recommend you see your healthcare provider. It is also recommend you modify your activity if you are experiencing any overuse injury. Example: Modify a run by running on a treadmill or cushioned track, then slowly reintroduce running on asphalt as your body responds positively. If you are diligent in your post workout regeneration you will significantly reduce your risk of overuse injuries. Purchasing a foam roller and following the suggested exercises will prepare your body for the next exercise bout and decrease the onset of overuse injuries. Prevention is key.