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Family Protection Detail

The Family Protection Detail  investigates all felony and misdemeanor cases of domestic violence, physical child abuse, child neglect, elder abuse, adult dependent care abuse, and domestic violence restraining order violations.

These investigations are in-depth and can include comprehensive interviews, collection and inventory of evidence, facilitation of medical exams or evaluations for evidence of physical abuse, and specialized interviews of child or dependent adults who are victims or witnesses. Investigators’ duties include the planning and implementation of various investigative techniques, preparation of chronological investigative and background reports pertinent to each investigation, search warrants, arrest warrants, and presentation of criminal cases to the Orange County District Attorney’s Office.
The emotional aspect of family based violence incidents makes it essential that the investigative response include a holistic approach to the individuals who have been impacted by these crimes. Therefore, Family Protection Detail Investigators assist victims and witnesses by providing referrals to counseling and community based services to aid in their recovery, enhancing their ability to negotiate the judicial system, and developing strategies to prevent future victimization.

Victim Advocates

Two victim advocates from Waymakers are embedded with the Family Protection Detail. This partnership has provided a direct link between Investigators, victims, and victim advocates in order to provide victims with support and referral services. The victim advocate’s primary focus is to ensure the victims of these crimes are safeguarded and directed to community resources that provide assistance.